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1st July 2010

2:04am: A new page
Time to do right by this place, more posts and pics to come.
1:57am: Cute

27th June 2010


7th July 2009

1:19am: just because

Search & Win

26th April 2007

11:10pm: Cool

17th January 2007

11:10pm: peace
Livejournal and my computer's security software have declared a cease fire. I can post!
Current Mood: cheerful
tracie beat up the President and declared themselves the new dictator of America.
... afterward, tracie tried to get on the price is right and failed.
'How will you be remembered in history books?' at QuizGalaxy.com

29th May 2006

9:14pm: About time
First entry after 6 months having this thing. Really on the ball here. Still can't use this thing to join groups.
Current Mood: annoyed
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